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Market Review 2020 Cover

2020: Market Review

The year 2020 proved to be one of the most tumultuous in modern history, marked by
Student Loan Cosigner

Cosigning a Student Loan: Pros & Cons

Cosigning a Student Loan: Pros & Cons The process of taking SAT/ACT exams, sending out handfuls
Medical Professionals

Webinar: Financial Crash Course For DOCTORS

FINANCIAL CRASH COURSE FOR DOCTORS wHealth Advisors is excited to announce a free webinar to help

The Coronavirus and Market Volatility

The world is watching with concern the spread of the new coronavirus. The uncertainty is being
Doctor Finance

Doctors Get Shafted When It Comes To Finances

Written by: Dennis McNamara In a profession where it is expected that the practitioners embody the

The SECURE Act: What you need to know

Written by: Dennis McNamara Congress just passed a year-end bill known as the SECURE Act (i.e.

Climate Change and Your Portfolio

Written by: Dennis McNamara Introduction  As financial planners that adhere to an evidence-based investment philosophy, we
Client sitting around a table discussing fiances at wHealth Advisors office

All 529s Are Not Created Equal

At wHealth Advisors, we strive to educate our clients that the location of their assets is
Three men racing on bicycles

The Next Recession and What We Can Learn from the Tour de France

Written by: Dennis McNamara For the second year in a row I am a daily listener
Cheery blossom in the capital

Trump’s Executive Order on Retirement: What You Should Know

Written by: John Munley Out of all of President Trump’s colorful tweets recently, the one that
A road going through nature landscape

The Path to Awesome: Top Three Financial Habits to Help You on Your Way – Part 3

Written by: John Munley Build Good Credit, Early. This is the third part of our three-part
John Munley Financial Advisor at wHealth Advisors and family

The Path to Awesome: Top Three Financial Habits to Help You on Your Way – Part 2

Written by: John Munley Last week, I shared some advice I want to gift to my
Wooden steps down to the beach

The Path to Awesome: Top Three Financial Habits to Help You on Your Way – Part 1

Written by: John Munley My daughter recently had her moving up ceremony during which she and
Woman checking out at counter

So Your Teenage Got Her First Job – Now What?

Written by: John Munley My twin daughters got their first real jobs last summer, a common
Lady counting money

How Much Are You Really Paying For Your Investments?

Written by: Dennis McNamara In a recent Wall Street Journal article , Andrea Fuller recounts her