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We succeed when our clients maximize their return on investment life

We want to work with you

Our typical clients are between the ages of 30 and 75 and are often in the pursuit of financial freedom or already well on their way. They are often a HENRY (high earner, not rich yet!) or have between $1 million and $10 million in investment assets. While we have a specific service offering for medical professionals, we also work with a large range of professionals including those in law, tech, finance, and academia.

A few of our core philosophies


We strongly believe in a low-cost, diversified “passive” approach to investing. This is much different than the typical Wall Street approach taken by most brokers and product salespeople. For a deeper dive into this topic, feel free to request our “Active versus Passive Investing Report.”


Every action has a reaction and this is precisely the case when it comes to taxes. As advisors that plan and prepare our clients’ annual taxes, we believe taxes should be a year-round planning topic, not just something to review at “tax time.” The tax projections that we build for clients serve as a guiding light to many other financial decisions.

Life Insurance

Investments are investments, insurance is insurance – treat them as such! We are not fans of the insurance brokers that pitch clients on buying whole life insurance as an “investment.” In most cases (exceptions DO apply), term insurance is the most cost-efficient and effective form of life insurance coverage.

Your wHealth

We operate at our best when our mental, physical, and emotional health are balanced. We believe that your finances, or your wHealth, is the fourth leg of this stool. If you feel burdened by the topic of money (the leading cause of stress*), consider offloading your household finances to a trusted professional (even if it’s not us!).

*Bethune, Sophie (2015) Money stress weighs on Americans’ health, American Psychological Association, Vol 46, No. 4

our team

John Munley founder of wHealth Advisors

John Munley CFP®

Dennis McNamara founder of wHealth Advisors

Dennis McNamara CFP® AIF® CSLP®


A force for good

Our commitments that go beyond the bottom line. We believe the best business outcomes come from pairing our technical expertise and professionalism with compassion, empathy, and humanity


"Wealth is the ability to fully experience life"

– Henry David Thoreau

Don’t let uncertainty about finances be the reason you’re not pursuing your ideal life.