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    I once read “If we wander through life without a road map to get us to where we want go, one thing is for certain, we will get lost and distracted along the way. A ship without a rudder and charted course could end up anywhere in the ocean”.  My complex and time-constrained life was the reason I signed up as a financial planning client eight years ago. I knew my destination, but despite being a planner and a numbers guy, I wasn’t sure how to get there. I was a successful foreign currency trader with a 27 year career on Wall Street, and yet I was still burdened with questions. How am I going to afford to put my four daughters through college? Am I spending too much money? Will I ever be able to afford to walk away from currency trading? Am I saving enough money for retirement? How do I find enough hours in the day to spend quality time with my family?  My financial planner guided me through these obstacles and showed me a path to succeed. When I was presented with an opportunity to leave Wall Street behind and start my journey as a financial planner, it was an easy decision to make.  On Wall Street, I loved the personal challenge to be profitable every day, but these days I would rather do something that adds value to people’s lives rather than making banks more profitable. My career in trading taught me many things — disciplined planning, risk management, relationship building, the ability to explain complex information simply and clearly, interpersonal skills, and attention to detail.  As a financial planner at wHealth Advisors I am able to deploy these skills every day for my clients. While encouraging my clients to dream big, and implementing strategies to help them achieve their goals, my main role is to keep them on course and focused. It is easy to lose sight of the life you truly desire when you are going through the daily grind or something unexpected happens. I act as the ship’s rudder and compass to help my clients stay on track and to reach their desired destinations.  When I’m not at wHealth Advisors, I spend time with family enjoying the lifestyle opportunities that living near the beach presents. I have four beautiful daughters who keep my wife and I very busy. In my spare time, I enjoy following my New York sports teams, getting together with my Bucknell fraternity brothers, and attempting to master the art of grilling.


Client sitting around a table discussing fiances at wHealth Advisors office

All 529s Are Not Created Equal

At wHealth Advisors, we strive to educate our clients that the location of their assets is often just as important as the funds they invest in – this rule is