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Dennis McNamara CFP® AIF® CSLP®


During my first semester at Rutgers University, I met my girlfriend (now wife), Arabelle. Flash forward to graduation and Arabelle had committed to her next endeavor: dental school. As for me, I was out of gas. For the prior two years I worked over 30 hours a week as a financial analyst, catered events on the weekends, and pursued a triple major in finance, economics, and management (note to self: life is a marathon, not a sprint!). Unsure of my path forward, and a bit fatigued, I decided it was time for a change.

After learning that I could offer my physical labor on organic farms and grassroot sustainability projects in exchange for room and board, a six-week sabbatical was extended to nearly twelve months. While in Costa Rica, I lived and worked with a coffee farmer who, seemingly immune to life’s stresses, shared a quote: “Un dia mas, un dia menos” or, “One day more, one day less.” This quote stuck with me. Once home, I committed myself to a life of contentment, to living in the present, and to valuing my
work (not my job).

In the years that followed I served as the US director of business development for a social enterprise firm, a financial analyst and planner for the ultra-high net worth clients of Ayco (the private wealth management group of Goldman Sachs), and as a financial planner at a top-ranked financial planning firm here in NJ.

Today, as a founder of wHealth Advisors, I find immense fulfillment in knowing that we use our platform as a force for good. While donating a portion of our profits and offering pro-bono services to those in need is something I’m incredibly proud of, these commitments would not be possible without our most valuable asset – our clients. My life’s mission has been dedicated to helping others live their best, most fulfilling lives by doing what I know and love: comprehensive financial planning. I am excited to meet you and look forward to the opportunity of working together on
your journey to financial independence!

Certified Financial Planner
– Accredited Investment Fiduciary®
– Certified Student Loan Professional®

Featured in:
– Forbes
– U.S. News & World Report 
– Financial Advisor Magazine

Outside of wHealth Advisors:
Educating myself more on: Stoicism, permaculture, climate justice, systemic racism, health & longevity science  
Happiest when: outdoors with wife, Arabelle, and son, Manny 

Stays active with: cycling, surfing, hiking, strength training, and yoga
Financially splurges on: Single-origin coffee

"one day more, one day less."

If there is anything I can help with please reach out