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This is where the real work happens

As a boutique planning firm that is intent on staying small, our advisors limit the number of ongoing financial planning clients to ensure the highest degree of service.

How Ongoing Financial Planning works


A doctor’s path towards financial independence is unique from nearly all other professionals. The effects of extensive schooling (i.e. delayed earnings, student debt) typically result in a doctor being a decade or more behind their non-doctor peers. As such, our doctor-specific offering is built into a few tiers

Fee based on service chart [below]

Doctor fees vary by scope of service, complexity, and overall net worth


A quality financial plan is like a good diet; it only works if it is sensible over the long-term and if you STICK WITH IT. Clients that hire us on an ongoing basis have unlimited access to our team and receive proactive planning and in-depth monitoring.

$1,250/qtr minimum

Actual fee calculated using third-party calculator

service chart- Doctors

Limited Planning Services
Comprehensive Planning Services
Flat Fee: $625/qtr
Flat Fee: $1,250/qtr
Flat Fee: $2,500/qtr
3rd party fee calculator
Ideal for:
For Residents & Fellows
(2-year limit)
New attendings with negative net worth, starting to save for retirement
New attendings able to save aggressively/established attendings seeking comprehensive financial planning
For established doctors with > $1M in investable assets
Ongoing financial planning
Recommendations for customized portfolios for all investment accounts
Annual rebalancing recommendations for all investment accounts
In-house investment management & re-balancing for portfolios
Up to $1M
Phone calls and emails on an as-needed basis
Unlimited meetings & communication
Proactive reviews & updates to your plan
Additional “quarterbacking” engagements w/ other professionals (attorney, CPA, insurance, employer)
Personal income tax preparation

Range of topics we cover

Basic Planning

- Identifying financial goals
- Evaluating financial statements
- Cash flow management
- Financing strategies
- Economic concepts
- Time value of money concepts
- Behavioral finance
- Financial counseling
- Debt management


- Education needs analysis
- Education savings vehicles
- Financial aid
- Gift/income tax strategies
- Education financing
- Student Loan Refinancing


- Evaluation of risk exposures
- Health insurance and health care
- Disability Insurance
- Long-term care insurance
- Annuities
- Life insurance
- Business uses of insurance
- Property and casualty insurance
- Insurance needs analysis


- Planning for investment taxes
- Incorporating investment risk
- Assessing investment returns
- Asset allocation & diversification
- Bond & stock selection
- Portfolio development
- Aligning Investment strategies
- Alternative investments
- Asset location analysis


- Factoring Income taxes
- Taxation of business entities
- Taxation of trusts and estates
- Alternative minimum tax (AMT)
- Tax reduction techniques
- Tax consequences of property transactions
- Passive activity and at-risk rules
- Charitable/philanthropic contributions and deductions


- Retirement needs analysis
- Social Security and Medicare
- Qualified plan rules & options
- Tax-advantaged retirement plans
- Regulatory considerations
- Plan selection for businesses
- Distribution rules and taxation
- Retirement income distribution
- Business succession planning

Estate Planning

- Consequences of property titling
- Strategies to transfer property
- Estate planning documents
- Gift and estate tax
- Sources for estate liquidity
- Taxation of trusts
- Marital deduction
- Intra-family and other business transfer techniques
- Estate planning techniques

Other Planning

- Buy vs. Lease a Car decision
- Buy vs. Rent a Home decision
- Credit card selection
- Career Planning
- Job Offer negotiation
- Employee benefits selection
- Saving for Travel
- Merging Finances

Financial health and peace of mind starts with a phone call

We welcome your questions about our professional credentials and investment philosophies — and most importantly, about how we can help you live your best possible life.