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Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice.

Personal finance is regularly noted as more uncomfortable, and difficult to discuss than death, politics, or religion. Not here. We use the Financial Physical to dissect your finances and provide our honest, objective feedback and recommendations.

Should I refinance my student loans? How much house can I afford? Can I live on my investment portfolio?

Sound familiar?

Let’s discuss YOUR priorities, YOUR values, and the life YOU want. No cookie-cutter advice!

How a Financial Physical works

Why do a financial physical?

You want answers and to walk away with actionable next steps! This is also an opportunity for you to get to know us, see how we work, and feel confident before committing to an ongoing engagement (which isn’t for everyone!).

Who should attend?

Our financial physical is intended for individuals and families of ALL means and is a prerequisite before engaging in any ongoing services. If a couple, we ask both partners to be present.

What do you need from me?

We’re going to ask to review ALL of your personal financial documents (investment statements, mortgage statements, previous year taxes etc).

Where are the meetings?

In most cases the Financial Physical is held at our office in Red Bank, NJ. If needed, we are happy to conduct meetings virtually.

How do I schedule a meeting?

Give us a call or email us so we can find time to discuss what’s on your mind. If you like what we have to say we’ll get you on the schedule!

When is the meeting?

These appointments are typically booked 2+ weeks after our initial consultation, all depends how quickly you can turnaround your materials to us for review!


$1000 - One time fee

  • 50% discount for medical/dental residents and fellows
  • This financial physical fee will be applied to your first ongoing, comprehensive financial planning invoice if you sign-up within SIX months of the physical.