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Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve’s Toolkit + Market Hangover

The Federal Reserve’s toolkit consist of two blunt tools: the fed funds rate + quantitative easing. In this month’s contribution we’ll discuss the potential short and long-tail impacts of both.
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SEC enforces ESG disclosure

The SEC Finally Enforces ESG

With Earth Month upon us, we’re happy to report one small, incremental bit of progress in finance: The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) will finally enforce ESG disclosure and begin
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Training for the Centenarian Olympics

The Centenarian Olympics

Training for the Centenarian Olympics Training for a long, healthful, and functional life is not the same as training for performance. Eminent longevity doctor, Dr. Peter Attia, notes that, for most people, the
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Micro vs Macro

When Worlds Collide

Investors need to be prepared for when worlds collide. Collisions – whether they be on a macro level (like war, famine, geopolitical strife etc.) or on the micro level (a
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